May 13, 2009

Shhhh... don't tell anyone, but the Celts can win

Look, I know the Celts still need to beat The Magic, and that IS NOT a given. But, if they do beat them, just by virtue of that and other variables that have shaken out through this series, I hafta throw this out there:

This Celts team would win a series against the regular season Celts with KG -- not necessarily because they are better per se, but because they are all being utilized. In all these battles, they have become a compleat team. Rondo and Allen were pretty average last night -- if I told you at the beginning of the game that Rajon would have a triple single would you have thought we'd win? Allen's 3 pointer at the end was awesome, but he was nowhere to be found most of the game.

Hey, I know Orlando snatched defeat from the jaws of vistory, but the Celts had to do their part -- having the bench (which is really the third string in many ways) score 26 points is huge. What if Stephon is just finally getting warm? What if the whole team is truly feeling what's happening? How can't they?

Look, everyone in Boston is saying that just making the Eastern Conference Finals is a victory, given the injuries. Lebron is too much of a Monster to get past. And to that I'd say that everyone agrees with them, except a few guys wearing white and green. What if these guys don't think they're supposed to lose? What if no one tells them?

Think about it: are they tired? Sure -- but without being put through the paces and galvinizing themselves and each other against their opponents, these Celts wouldn't stand a chance. But now, everyone has played a part -- better yet, everyone now knows they need to and can play a part. They may prove more valuable than a team that has come to rely on the stellar defense of one man.

The Celts right now have more options to create a win in any given game than they did at the beginning of the playoffs. Pierce, Allen, Davis, Perkins, House, Rondo, Marbury,... alone no match for Lebron, but - while I wouldn't bet the house they would win - I also can actually see it happening.

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