May 6, 2009

Red Sox & Celtics & Bears (okay, Bruins)... Oh my!

I like how the Sox are doing, but the crazy thing is that between closing, mid-relief and the starting front 3, the front three have hurt them the most. I do think that will change for the positive as the season progresses.

Love Wake just being there for the team -- love that he's older than me and in the MLB.

Can't wait for Smoltz -- or for Tiger to come to Fenway to watch his buddy pitch.

Wake & Smoltz should open a New England Golf Open for charity up here.

Joba should be suspended, but probaly won't. He dings Back-Back Bay after the HR -- Beckett was suspended for coming close to Abreu. Bay was body, Abreu was near head, but still feels funky.

Joba has the physical attributes, cap-wearing demeanor of a Lambeer-playing-baseball. Love that flat brim pulled down look -- makes him appear the villain before he goes out and proves it w/ his behavior.

That said, he pitched awesome after the 1st - looks like he'll figger out the starting job to our detriment.

I think the Sox brought back Lugo early not because they wanted him to so much replace Green ASAP, but because they wanted to start showing him off to other teams ASAP -- kind of blew up in their faces.

Which actually leads me to another thought I can't elaborate on now, but it is this: I do not think Epstein is a wunderkind of a GM, picking players-wise; now within the org as a whole he may bring more to the table than others, but even in the crapshoot that is topnotch players and their respective rise and falls, I don't think Theo is truly more than above average (and, that said, I'd also posit that Cashman is significantly below average bordering on terrible).

When you have a chance, please comment on your thoughts of Theo, and I'll go into why my thoughts are as they are.

Celts w/out KG have a very slim chance of anything, but still:

- Powe just had surgery on his knee -- KG's injury calls for surgery, yet he hasn't done it and he still plays a little in practices -- Whuddup wid dat?

- Even if KG doesn't play, the Celts will be in the role of under-dog and this second string squad had a trial by fire with the bulls -- I belive they geled together a bit.

- Marbury stepped up, while Rajon stepped back in Game 1 w/ Orlando. Scal stepped up too; given the amount put on the shoulders of Rondo, can we fault him for having a let down after the big Bulls series? What if he steps back up, just as the rest everyone else really learnes to step in. There is just about no way getting past Lebron et al, but this is sports, and I'm not carving the Celts name in the tombstone quite yet.

- B's vs. the former Whalers -- I don't see it going past five fromeverything I've seen and heard, but I am largely hockey illiterate/ignorant

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