April 29, 2009

The Streak ends at 11

Give Penny one more start, if no changes, look for a trade for any good role player; I’m in favor of a light-out bunter (I know how ridiculous that statement is, I’m not sure ‘lights out’ and ‘bunter’ have ever been juxtaposed) with solid D in the OF. If nobody wants a Penny for our thoughts, waiver the guy and bring up Bowden (yes, overBucholz).

I CANNOT wait for Smoltz.

I declared the playing of Lugo yesterday a sign of the Apocalypse, as his error proved, but y’know… he DID hit. He may be showing signs of life, even in contributing to the death of The Streak.

Mid relief bullpen is just starting to really get used to the pattern & habit of being used. Once these guys drop into a groove, I see greater things ahead.

My connection to the ‘Canes — if I remember correctly, this is the old Whalers franchise — I grew up in a town right next to Springfield and watched Gordie play for the New England Whalers in Springfield after the Hartford Civic Center’s roof collapsed.

Go B’s, go Celts, go Sox

April 15, 2009

Sox and stuff

Beckett: Here’s what the home plate ump said, “Did he throw it up and in? Yeah,” umpire crew chief Joe West said Sunday. “Do we believe he threw it at Abreu? No. Would we have warned him had both benches not emptied? Probably not, but because both benches emptied, we did issue a warning.
“The Angels were the aggressors. That’s why they were ejected.”

Is the ump probably wrong? Sure. Guess what — it is his call. Watson can fine Beckett for approaching the plate, but he is substituting his own judgement for that of the ump’s. Let’s see him do that for balls & strikes then.

No other ump on the field told West that Beckett was headhunting (even though, I’m sure he meant to throw in his direction).

That ump likely knew how bush-league it was for Abreu to call time that late, and didn’t care how close the pitch came. Who knows? But until we can overturn all their bad calls after the fact, a suspension is contrary to MLB’s own support of umps.

Little talked about fact is that great pitchers are great at control — when they are throwing to areas they practice throwing to — even inside pitches are regularly practiced. It’s skill and muscle memory. However, when taken out of their delivery habit AND he decides to throw in Abreu’s direction in a pitch he knows doesn’t count for a ball or strike, it’s like when pitchers throw to first base and mess up — it’s a whole new ball game. Also, that was not a fastball - there was an actual arc the the throw.

(All that said, I do think he purposely threw in Abreu’s direction)

Interesting to think if he had hit him, Abreu wouldn’t have been able to take a base since time was out — although Beckett would’ve likely been gone.

Bubble Yum is the Coke to Bubbalicious’ Pepsi.

Would’ve loved to have picked up Orlando Cabrera when he was available.

Sleaze-Stack Enick had a hidden agenda.