April 29, 2009

The Streak ends at 11

Give Penny one more start, if no changes, look for a trade for any good role player; I’m in favor of a light-out bunter (I know how ridiculous that statement is, I’m not sure ‘lights out’ and ‘bunter’ have ever been juxtaposed) with solid D in the OF. If nobody wants a Penny for our thoughts, waiver the guy and bring up Bowden (yes, overBucholz).

I CANNOT wait for Smoltz.

I declared the playing of Lugo yesterday a sign of the Apocalypse, as his error proved, but y’know… he DID hit. He may be showing signs of life, even in contributing to the death of The Streak.

Mid relief bullpen is just starting to really get used to the pattern & habit of being used. Once these guys drop into a groove, I see greater things ahead.

My connection to the ‘Canes — if I remember correctly, this is the old Whalers franchise — I grew up in a town right next to Springfield and watched Gordie play for the New England Whalers in Springfield after the Hartford Civic Center’s roof collapsed.

Go B’s, go Celts, go Sox

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