January 28, 2009

Vote early & often (okay, just vote once, please ;)

YOUR VOTE CAN HELP BMC’S SPARK CENTER WIN $25,000 (and enter to win plane tickets)

The SPARK Center is a Boston Medical Center program that helps impoverished children with HIV/AIDS and other debilitating diseases. Virgin America will be launching in Boston soon and as part of their promotion, the SPARK Center is one of the charities that can win $25,000 if it receives the most votes. By voting, you are entered to win Virgin airline tickets around the world!

The charity that gets the most votes will receive $25,000 from Virgin America on their launch day of Feb 11th. Please take 2 minutes to help BMC’s SPARK Center win $25,000: -

Click on:

- Click on the vote icon next to the SPARK Center listing
- This will take you to a page to create an ID, but this is very quick;
- Once you’ve made your ID, you’ll go back to the ‘vote’ page; please click the 'vote' icon to the
left of the SPARK Center logo

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