October 8, 2008

Looking for a President for the current climate

Ignoring the fact that It's the economy Stupid! (and that in every oppressively down economic time the U.S. has elected a Dem, to its benefit)...

McCain, and Palin for that matter, telling everyone who will listen that he is a 'Maverick', sadly sounds like an umemployed 24 year-old looking for a job and telling everyone how cool he used to be in high school. I got new for you - you ain't a 'Maverick' when you call yourself one.
McCain is a good soldier and a great American, of this there is no doubt. Unfortunatley, he is not a good leader -- never has been.

No one, not a single person, understood how to wage a battle against terrorists... they kept using traditonal warfare strategies and analyses that were equivalent to trying to project the seven day forecast by sitting in your office and holding a finger to your air conditioner...

I hold more against McCain for invading Irag than I do against Obama for being against the Surge. We opened an entire country - for hiding, pillaging, and as a new front-line to kill American soldiers, up to the very terrorists we were hunting (and, up until opening Iraq up to them, cornering) in Afganistan.

And, split as many hairs as you like, but of the following there can be no dispute: we entered Iraq to take down Saddam Hussein because the US Executive Office and its Cabinet, saw this as an opening to take him out. For an unjustified - and unproven - reason. If we want to take out despots across the world as policy, there's a lot worse - and at the time - less crippled, than Hussein. This was vendetta time. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong outcome. Cut off the head of an enemicserpent and allow a million venoumous spiders to take over.

Think of how many lives we'd have, how many funds could be spent in the U.S., and how World Opinion would still be pitted against Hussein had we not gone in. Whether you like World Opinion or not, it matters not, because in a Global Economy, at some levels of your daily life, you and yours will be subject to it.

Democrats are not the end all, and neither is Obama, for me. But, I don't hold his minister, or his tenuous Ayers connection against him. In the same way I don't think of the Keating five or McCain's chumminess with the Machiavellian manifestation known as G. gordon Liddy against him. But in economic turmoil, it is a Democratic Executive that understands how to employ the government to help lift the country. The Republican Platform is based on less government and asking them to step up some leveles of our gov't is akin to having credit card companies coach people on how to charge less -- it's the antithesis to their existence.


Steven George said...

"You ain't a Maverick, if you call yourself a Maverick" Good stuff

Peapod said...

"The Republican Platform is based on less government and asking them to step up some leveles of our gov't is akin to having credit card companies coach people on how to charge less -- it's the antithesis to their existence."
Yet another great analogy, and stellar finish TH!

Anonymous said...


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