June 5, 2008

Two undeniable reasons to feel good about the Celts

2008 - About the NBA finals:
1. Robert Parrish - 1986
2. Johnny Quest - 1987
Let me expound...

1. Robert Parrish was one of the Celts' Bid Three in '86. Then he won his last Championship with in '97 with the Bulls. He shared his place on that team with Tony Kukoc. The same Tony Kukoc that ended up playing '02-'06 with the Milwaukee Bucks. In '02 and '03 he played with a certain strong three-point shooter named Ray Allen. Our Ray Allen. So, 21 years later, with only two players in between, we connect our old Big Three to our new Big Three. (Of course, it may have been a little easier to just say that Parrish is a player consultant for the current Celts, but where's the Karma in that?)

2. At the prompting of Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, P.J. Brown joined the Green at the end of February this year. From 1996-2000 P.J. was coached by Pat Riley at the Heat. Riley also coached Kareem Abdul Jabbar of the winning Lakers team in '87. Kareem starred with, among others, Barbara Billingsley in the movie 'Airplane' (you'll remember, she spoke jive). Barbara Billingsley was best known as Mrs, Cleaver in Leave it to Beaver. A young actor know as Tim Matheson appeared in two episodes of the show as a friend of the Beav. Tim Matheson voiced the character of the original Johnny Quest.

Johnny Quest never loses a battle.


Feef said...

How the fluje did you know that Tim Matheson appeared in two episodes with the Beaver? I'm very curious as to how exactly your cabesa functions? Johhny Quest, tied into Celtics Pride. You are indeed a true literature spoutin B.I. Keep it Murfolk.

Crimple Pot said...

You should have entered this post into the WEEI contest.

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