December 6, 2007


Okay, you know the judge presiding over the Kiefer Sutherland drunk driving case watches - or is at least overly aware of - '24'. Sentencing him to 48 days in the clink? Seriously?... how about 45 or 50 days? The number 48 is so easily extrapolated from 24 that it kind of makes a mockery of the ruling (not that Kiefer is laughing either way). I've already heard it today at the water cooler... "hey, do you think the next 24 will be 48 instead". I know they're days instead of hours, but why is it that judges in California consciously show the difference between stars and the general public. Kiefer should be glad he wasn't in the movie '300' I guess.

Other news today, a man was arrested for a hit & run -- he hit two pedestrians, and continued on home.... with one of the victims stuck in his windshield. He later called the cops and said the thought he may have hit someone on the way home. And, very likely, he wasn't being disingenuous -- when the police came and he blew .18 six hours after he hit the two walkers.

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