December 4, 2007

Two Cents on Ten Topics

1. Do you think Cashman is looking askance in the mirror every morning these days thinking, "My God, just when you start to get up and actually fulfill your job title, the new Steinbrenner keeps pushing you down..."

2. Just got off the road and heard Buster Olney talking on ESPN -- he said the Sox are the only ones talking to the Twins at this point... Hank's thinking, "c'mon they couldn't have taken me seriously, right? Look at A-rod... I just say those things... I don't really mean it..." -- all this said, watch the Hank-ees (nickname stolen from the NY Post) throw in Ian Kennedy at the last minute and do the Santana dance.

3. At first I thought I was just being fan-emotional over not wanting Jacoby Ellsbury (hereafter referred to as Jake... every team needs a Jake) on the potential trading block, but this is how I look at it: if the Sox get Santana at the expense of Jake, they've likely secured the next three to five years -- but, we all saw what Jake did in September and in the postseason -- the highest pressure moments of any season in one of - if not the - highest pressure town to do so. Jake's your man -- he's the guy you want at the plate, on the basepaths, and in the field (he was a little rough, with flashes of brilliance out there). Picture this... as good as Jake was on the basepaths and at bat, maybe he has as much room for improvement there as he does in the outfield. He started the season in AA Portland and he was a star in 95% of his starts. He was a doubles machine in the World Series. Getting to the postseason, and winning throughout, is an out and out battle. This guy is GOLD. In times of war, you can bank on gold.

4. Logically, doesn't it make sense for the Twin cities to fill their lefty loss with an up and coming lefty? Lester - Coco - Lowrie - Masterson is my prediction (may have to pick up all of Coco's next season, although, it may take Moss too).

5. Isn't the quantity of players for Santana getting more and more like the Celts/KG trade?

6. How much of a discount did Lowell take? Jose Guillen just got $36 mill for three years with the Royals. World Series MVP Mike Lowell got $37.5 mill for the same duration with the Sox. I was always better at english than math, but at every turn, dontcha just love Mikey?

7. I wonder how the line in Vegas is changing with the last two Pats scrapes?

8. Speaking of which, I usually like Mike & Mike in the morning on ESPN, but this AM the non-football player Mike (that's the Golick-one, right?) talked in conspiracy tones about the last two Baltimore penalties last night, implying that the league wanted the Pats to win and somehow willed this ref - who threw the defensive holding flag prior to the missed pass - to make the call. Huh? Waitjustaminute... where was this talking head during the Pats-Colts game?...

9. Which leads me to this: discussing officials' calls is so local market... these guys must not have had much to debate this AM,... do you think the two Mikes flipped a coin to decide what side of the issue they'd argue?

10. My favorite three shows on TV (scripted, main stream network shows, mind you), are Chuck, Journeyman, and Life... give them a two episode chance and I believe you'll be in.

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Razz said...

Looks like everyone's saying the Yankees are out, but i wouldn't count those chickens yet.