October 2, 2009

J. D. Drew

There's a sports writer I read quite a bit, whose opinion and writing style I truly enjoy. Recently, he threw out the idea that because J.D. Drew does not play all the time - and because everyone thinks he is overpaid, Mr. Drew should donate $2 million to a local Boston charity. Hmmm... I thought for a second what my opinion on it was, and realized it was along the lines of....

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Ha. Ha. Yeah, he needs to placate fans by donating $2 mill somewhere. Right, Sure. Don’t get me wrong, there is no better & more deserving charity than the Jimmy Fund, but just the thought that someone needs to do it to silence critisicm is a faulty premise perched at the top of a slippery slope while simultaneously tilting at windmills and refusing to knock on wood.

So, then, when he’s out ‘x’ number of games he should donate ‘y’ dollars more? Paps should donate a couple of thou when he blows a save?

I cry uncle on the fact he’s overpaid, because we all would’ve had our AGENT say, “whoa there, let’s just stop at $13 mill, don’t get all crazy on us”.

Since the Sox acquired Drew, please don’t tell me that they’ve not signed anyone else because they had too much $ tied up w/ Drew; they are a big market team that decides their own purse restrictions. As fans, we have never suffered due to his salary - the money & the injuries are both straw man arguments; the debate is about performance, and it is there. Pretending its our money or that we KNOW his injuries (or lack thereof) is a (fabricated) debate I will always concede.

So, forgetting about money, unless the fans are paying it, Drew is the best RF out there, bar none.

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