December 4, 2008

December observations...

- Rajon on the Rise. (Just is)

- The perfect Holiday Gift for those of you with scary man-crushes on certain ballplayers:

- Interesting take on the state of the rivalry -- one I actually don't really buy (I actually think Mazz is trying to show up on the NYC-readers radar); in my mind, it's just the way the wind is currently blowing before the final agreements have come down:

- With about 16 pine trees I'm thinking of excising from my property, I've been wondering why I'd have to pay for someone to take 'em down, when there should be tons of wood stove owners clamoring for my untapped fuel.

- Very sad - Longmeadow Lancer Football's winning streak came to a halt at 47 (state record is Acton-Boxborough's 54) on thanksgiving. On a rainy, sloggy field the Lancers drove to the 15 with no time -- since it was so crappy, they couldn't go for a FG and had an endzone pass tapped away, to lose 16-13 to East Longmeadow (see Insert farmboy epithet here:_____. But, hats off to East Longmeadow.

- Check this link:
It was set up to follow the Celts pursuit last year of the Bulls' historic season record, but it's working again this year (with the Lakers added in too)... and who knows...

- Only from Larry Bird: Interesting to note that the Pacers account for 50% of both the Celts and the Lakers losses so far this year. I do think the Green will beat last year's regular season record.


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